Free Crochet Pattern – Reindeer Coffee Cozy / Sleeve

Are you planning to give the gift of coffee this holiday season? The Reindeer Coffee Cozy is perfect for adding a festive, handmade touch to your gift!

Not only is the Reindeer Coffee Sleeve a great stash buster project, but it’s also great for gifts! I hope you enjoy the pattern and learn a fun technique or two along the way.

The free crochet pattern for the Reindeer Coffee Sleeve / Cozy can be found below, or you can find an ad-free print friendly version on Love Crafts here, Ravelry here, or on Etsy here.



Free Crochet Pattern - Reindeer Coffee Sleeve / Cozy by A Crocheted Simplicity


The Reindeer Crochet Coffee Sleeve is a great stash buster project and perfect for last minute gifts for coffee lovers!



For this crochet coffee sleeve, I chose Lion Brand Yarn’s Fishermen’s Wool. Fishermen’s Wool is a great worsted weight 100% pure virgin wool yarn that’s available in 6 natural shades! The colors I used for my cozies are listed in the notes section below.

I chose Lion Brand’s Fishermen’s Wool because I had the perfect amount of scraps for this project and I wanted a fun scrap busting project!

Although I used 100% wool for my crochet coffee cozy, you can easily substitute another worsted weight yarn. Acrylic and cotton yarns will work great for this project as well.


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I thought this cute little crochet reindeer was also perfect for a crochet earwarmer. You can find the free crochet pattern for the Reindeer Earwarmer HERE.


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The free pattern is below, but if you love to work offline, I’ve got a couple other great options for you.

Purchase the ad-free, printable PDF, including all photo tutorials, on Love Crafts here, Ravelry here, or on Etsy here.

Save this pattern to your Ravelry favorites here.

Pin it for later here.


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Stitch Abbreviations



  • In Granny Stitch pattern: 11 sts = 2.5″; 7 rows = 3″ ″
  • See finished granny motif size at the end of the Deer Motif instructions.



  • Fits Standard 12oz size travel mugs, but you can easily adjust the circumference.



  • I tend to crochet on the tighter side, if you crochet more loosely, you may need to go down a hook size or two to meet gauge. However, this is a pattern for a coffee sleeve and not a fancy sweater so gauge isn’t too terribly important.
  • Beginning ch-3 are counted as a stitch and included in stitch count. Other beginning ch-1 are not included in stitch count, unless stated otherwise.
  • First stitch of each row is worked into the same stitch as beginning chain, unless stated otherwise.
  • Color Changes: Work all color changes on the final pull thru of the last stitch you’re working before the new color. Example: If the last st you’re working before a color change is a double crochet, begin your double crochet by inserting your hook where indicated, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull thru 2 loops, yo with the NEW color, pull thru remaining 2 loops to complete the stitch. Then continue on with your new color. *Click here for Color Change Photo Tutorial.
  • This coffee sleeve is worked from the top of the deer motif down. Then you work side to side along the vertical edge to work the remainder of the sleeve.
  • Other lighter worsted weight / 4 yarns can be substituted as long as you match gauge.
  • Make sure to work all color changes on the WS of the motif.
  • Carry yarn when working the motif, but do not pull yarn floats tight or your gauge will be greatly affected. See Color Change Photo Tutorial for tips!


Special Stitch





Deer Motif

Note: The motif is worked upside down, from the antlers to his chin.

Row 1 (RS): With MC & 4.00mm hook, ch 12, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Turn. (11 sts) *Place a SM in the last st of Row 1 (before turning).

*Follow color chart below beginning w/ Row 2. Note that Row 2 is the WS. Make sure your color changes are worked on the WS.

Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc here & throughout), skip the first 2 sts, [3 dc in next st, skip next 2 sts] work from [ to ] twice, 3 dc in next st, skip next st, dc in the last st. Turn. (11 sts)

Row 3: Alt-ch3, dc in same sp, 3 dc in each of the next 2 sps, 2 dc in last sp. Turn. (10 sts) Row 4: Ch 3, 3 dc in each of the next 3 sps, dc in the top of ch 3. (11 sts)

Rows 5 – 8: Rep Rows 3 – 4.

Row 9: Ch 1, sc in each st across. Turn. (11 sts)

Do not fasten off. Continue below to Stretchy Ribbing.

Motif dimensions: 2-1/2″ W x 3-1/2″ H.

Free Crochet Pattern - Reindeer Coffee Sleeve/Cozy by A Crocheted Simplicity

Note: The photos below are of the heart motif, from my Love at First Sip Coffee Sleeve, but the techniques shown are the same for this one.

Stretchy Ribbing

Gauge with 4mm crochet hook: 17 sts = 3″

Row 1 (MC): RS facing you, rotate to work along the long edge, ch 1 (place a SM in the ch-1 to make it easier to find at the end of row 2), work 1 sc into the side of Row 9 of motif, work 2 sc into the side of each dc row, then work 1 sc into the side of Row 1. (16 sts) *See Photo Above.

Row 2: Ch 1, working in the BLO sl st in each st across, then sl st into the BLO of the ch-1 from Row 1. Fasten off MC and weave in ends. Turn. (17 sts)

Row 3: Join CC1 w/ a sc into the BLO of the 1st st, working in the BLO sc in each st across. Turn. (17 sts) *See Photo Above.

Row 4: Ch 1, working in the BLO sl st in each st across. Turn. (17 sts)

Row 5: Ch 1, working in the BLO sc in each st across. Turn. (17 sts)

Repeat Rows 4 – 5 (ending w/ a Row 5 rep) until the entire length of your coffee sleeve measures approximately 8.5″.

Fasten off and weave in ends. Continue below to Right Side Motif Edging.


Right Side Motif Edging

Row 1: With RS facing you, join MC with a standing sc in the st with the SM from Row 1 of the deer motif, work 1 more sc into the same st, work 2 sc into the side of each dc row and 1 sc into the side of the sc row. Turn. (17 sts) *See Photo Above.

Row 2: Ch 1, working in the BLO, sl st in each st across. (17 sts)

Fasten off leaving a 10″ tail of yarn. Continue below to Seam.


With RS facing, use a yarn needle and the tail of yarn, whipstitch the BLO of Row 2 of the right side motif edging to both loops of the last row of the stretchy ribbing. Weave in ends. *See Photo Above.

Button (optional)

Using a needle and thread, sew the button on as shown in the photos.

Free Crochet Pattern - Reindeer Coffee Sleeve/Cozy by A Crocheted Simplicity



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