Standing Single Crochet – Eliminate the Gap!

Joining new yarn with a standing single crochet, standing half double crochet, or standing double crochet is one of my favorite techniques and you’ll find that I use it in many of my designs. Standing stitches are not special stitches, but rather stitches worked using a different technique. Many of the basic crochet stitches that we all use regularly can be worked as a standing crochet stitch. 




There are several benefits to working standing crochet stitches instead of joining with the traditional slip stitch and then chaining up. The following are a couple of the most common:

  • Your stitches will be more uniform than joining new yarn with a slip stitch and then chaining up.
  • Working standing crochet stitches eliminates the unsightly gap at the beginning of a row or round that is created by working the traditional join with a slip stitch and chaining up.
  • Instead of slip stitching “X” stitches over to a designated stitch, fasten off your yarn, weave in your ends and then join w/ a standing single crochet / standing half double crochet / standing double crochet in that stitch. This will decrease the amount of bulk created by slip stitching over to the designated stitch.
  • When making an earflap hat, some patterns will have you fasten off after working the crochet beanie portion and then join in a specific stitch to work each earflap. Joining with a standing crochet stitch makes your edges so much neater.
  • Joining yarn of a new color, at the beginning of a row or round, is smoother when using this technique.


Let’s learn how to crochet the standing single crochet!



Join New Yarn with a Standing Single Crochet 

You may also see this technique referred to as join with a single crochet.


Join with a single crochet stitch  Learn how to join new yarn with a standing single crochet stitch!

Step 1 (photo above left): Begin by placing a slip knot on your hook.

Step 2 (photo above right): Insert your hook into the designated stitch.


How to work a standing single crochet!  How to join yarn with a standing single crochet stitch.

Step 3 (photo above left): Yarn over, pull up a loop.

Step 4 (photo above right): Yarn over, pull thru both loops on hook. Your standing single crochet is complete and you’ve joined new yarn without a slip stitch and chain 1!



How to crochet join with a single crochet


If you love this technique, I also have tutorials on how to work a standing half double crochet and standing double crochet.


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