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Just over 2 years ago I started having more frequent migraines. I also began having pain and numbness in my face, neck, and arms. After seeing several medical doctors, a chiropractor, and several tests later, we discovered the root cause: Poor Posture Due to Crocheting. Crocheting without taking the breaks that I KNEW I should take. 😉 

If you’d like to read more about that, I wrote a blog post back then, hoping it would help others going through similar things. Click HERE to read that blog post. I also wrote a post with the main stretches that my physical therapist recommended for me, stretches that have made a big difference in my mobility. Click HERE to try out these stretches for yourself. 

Aside from the stretches, a big part of the reason why I’m able to crochet daily again are because of a couple “tools” I ordered for myself. These tools were recommended by my chiropractor. You may be wondering why she recommended a massager, well, she recommended daily massages, but let’s be honest, who has the time, and the money, for that? So I opted for the next best thing…


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Congratulations to our Winner:

The Tool Every Crocheter Needs!


Giveaway - The Gift Every Crocheter Needs! - hosted by A Crocheted SimplicityThis post includes affiliate links. Material for this giveaway purchased by myself. I have not received compensation of any kind for this review. The following reviews are based solely on my own opinions and personal experiences.


The 2 tools that have changed my life as a designer and daily crocheter are the massager pictured above (click here or picture above/below), and this handheld arm roller massager (click here or picture below).  Both of these tools are tools you can use by yourself and are great for more areas of the body than just your arms, shoulders, and neck.

The shiatsu massager has been key in helping me to prevent migraines. When I feel one coming on, I use the massager and massage my shoulders, neck and even near the top of my head. Most times it will relieve enough tension to keep a migraine at bay. It is also great at keeping my neck and shoulder muscles relaxed enough so that they don’t restrict the nerves and cause pain and numbness in my face, neck, and arm.

The handheld roller massager has been a lifesaver in keeping my upper arm pain to a bare minimum. When I have a lot of crocheting to do in a day, I will use it 2-3 times. Most days I only need to use it once for 1-2 minutes to get the relief I need. 

Lastly, please know that I do not recommend products I do not love myself. Just ask my friend Kathy from ELK Studio. Not too long ago she was telling me about her pain so I recommended the shiatsu massager. As soon as the box arrived on her doorstep, she opened it up and tried it out, then immediately messaged me to thank me and tell me that it was just as awesome as I said it was!


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So now that I’ve written a short novel, it’s time to get down to the reason you’re stopping by, the GIVEAWAY!!!

Giveaway - The Tool Every Crocheter Needs! - hosted by A Crocheted Simplicity


a Rafflecopter giveaway


This Shiatsu Massager Giveaway is open to readers in the U.S. and Canada only, except void where prohibited by law. To win, enter by 11:59pm CST on November 22, 2017, using the Rafflecopter widget above. One lucky winner will be randomly drawn from the entries received. The winner will receive  (1) Shaitsu Massager (as pictured and linked above), prize courtesy of Jennifer Pionk aka A Crocheted Simplicity.

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Happy Crocheting!



    1. I would love to try this. I get a lot of shoulder pain. Right now all I use is a Sunbeam Back and shoulder heating pad which helps, but a massager sounds wonderful!!

  1. Thank you for sharing these “tools” you use. Like many I’m guilty of not taking a break during crochet time and often end up with a headache or worse migraine.

  2. Wow, where has this massager been all my life. 50+ yrs of crocheting and I find with each passing year that I can’t crochet as long as I had prior because of aches & pains (all over). I can see where I could take a 10 minute break from hook & yarn, use this for the break and get right back to hooking 🙂

  3. I have experienced neck pain from looking down for long periods and my hands are sometimes stiff and sore the next day after crocheting a lot.

  4. I get lots of shoulder/lower neck pain from crocheting. I try to remember to stop every so often and stretch my neck and back, plus my wrists and fingers.

  5. I was just complaining today about neck/back pain. I’m sure it is also due to bad posture. If I don’t win, I’m going to ask for this massager for Christmas. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. Yes, I pretty much have constant pain in one of my shoulders and one elbow. It would be great to be able to work those kinks out. No tips except listen to your body and rest.

  7. I get shoulder pain and hand pain. Taking frequent breaks to stretch is the only tip I have. That massager would be great!
    Good luck everyone!

  8. I love that at my gym, I can get a massage anytime I go in using hydromassage. But yeah, I don’t go every day…

  9. Those are awesome tools! I have tons of neck problems, that aren’t crochet related. But crocheting can irritate my disc if it’s inflamed. Great giveway idea! 😉

  10. I have pain everyday anyway due to an accident so I can’t crochet for long periods of time. I take breaks and massage hands…wrists and neck frequently. These would help me out immensely.

  11. I would love to win this Shiatsu massager. I get pain where my neck meets my right shoulder after crocheting for a couple of hours. This would be a godsend. I also have 2 torn rotator cuffs, which I’m sure doesn’t help matters.

  12. Loads of problems do to bad genetics and nerve damage, my shoulders where allready corrected once, they slip out of socket easy, as well as other joints, best think i do is well supported while I work, pillows under both elbows in my recliner and good head/neck support.

  13. Dealing with chronic pain issues, I’m always aggravating it when I crochet. Won’t give up stitching, so always looking for things to help.
    Basic neck and hand stretches help a little

  14. On occasion. No real tips; I just take breaks and mix it up with stitches that tend to pain my elbow or wrists.

  15. I have an addiction to crochet and I have such horrible back pain from poor posture! I just can’t stop crocheting though.

  16. Yes, I experience pain in my neck and shoulders from crocheting for long periods of time. I have tried some stretches to help. I would love to try this. It looks like it would really help. Thanks so much for the giveaway, and the opportunity to win.

  17. I do have back and arm pain that gets worse if I crochet a lot! It’s bothering me now because I’m working on Christmas gifts that use a Q hook, and I’m not used to that!

  18. I have a lot of upper back pain, most likely contributed to poor posture and crocheting and knitting. I just stretch which helps some but not enough. This would be a great help! Thank you for the chance to win.

  19. I have fibromyalgia so I hurt all the time. So I try to take breaks when I’m crocheting. For those times I don’t; I have a tens unit I use. You can buy a tens unit off Amazon you no longer need a script from your doctor.

  20. I have neck, back and shoulder pain when I crochet too long without taking proper stretch breaks. One stretch I have found works really well for me is called the doorway stretch. As you go through a doorway, put both hands on the door frame down at your hip level and step halfway thru the door and hold for 30 seconds. Then step back and raise your arms to waist height or a bit higher and repeat the stretch. Step back, raise your arms to should height, stretch and release. Shake your arms, roll your shoulders and you should feel much better! If any of the stretches hurt, stop and do what you can without pain. Also, drink lots of water – that keeps your joints and your brain lubricated.

  21. I too have had the same pains you describe. I would get severe migraines where my hands, feet, one side of my face and nose would get very tingly. I ended up finding relief by keeping regular appts with my chiropractor! It’s the only thing that brought me any relief.

  22. I get more arm and wrist pain than anything but I definitely notice more headaches if I go for too long with no breaks. I stretch a lot more nowadays than I used to, lol. Nothing special, I just get up move around and stretch.

  23. I get a lot of tension in my back and shoulders when I crochet. I often have to stop and and make myself relax my muscles. I’ve started getting monthly massages now also.

  24. Oh my gosh! I so totally need that Shiatsu! I have a massager but it doesn’t really work that well. My husband can give pretty good massages when he’s willing but that’s not as often as I would like. :-/

  25. Thank you so much for the chance to win the. I’ve been in physical therapy for months for my arm pain. I find using icy hot and propping my arm when I knit or crochet helps for a time.

  26. I get a lot of inexplicable upper arm pain. I call it phone shoulder because I usually get it when I’m surfing on my phone. ?

  27. I have chronic neck and back pain due to my severe arthritis, so I may not be much help. A hot shower in the morning relaxes everything for a little while and I try to watch how I sit and take frequent stretch breaks.

  28. I am SO GLAD to have found this post! I thought I was crazy! I just started experiencing terrible neck and shoulder pains over the last 2 months. I changed furniture around and now sit on a couch and have to turn my head to the right to watch television (used to sit in a chair with arms) and have been crocheting a lot more to get ready for Christmas. I changed pillows, used heat, iced, etc and finally decided it was crocheting. But I can’t give up crochet!! Well I hope I won’t have to. I am putting all of these items on my Christmas list (unless I break down and get them myself first, ha!)

    1. As far as tips, I use a timer to remind me when to take breaks. It’s so easy to get going on a project and lose all track of time. The timer helps a lot.

  29. The only real pain I sometimes experience while crocheting is in my fingers. My left pinky and ring fingers will sometimes cramp when I’m holding thin yarns like thread. I think it’s because I have fat fingers and because of the way I hold them. On my right hand my ring finger will sometimes act up but that’s because a couple of years ago I fully shut a car door on it. So it’s just messed up in general. Early on I used to get tense in my right shoulder but that has stopped since making sure my arm was supported while crocheting

  30. I find myself crocheting for hours upon hours and my neck and shoulders get super sore. Stretching for about 30 minutes usually does the trick for me.

  31. On top of being an obsessive crocheter, I also have psoriatic arthritis. So I am always in at least a little bit of pain. I have found lots of stretching that has helped me tremendously, and I also use plant-based products to reduce inflammation!

  32. The pain I experience crocheting when pushing to complete a project is often in my wrists. It’s like something gets stuck and it doesn’t want to move freely. The neck pain, shoulder pain etc is something I experience daily with fibromyalgia and osteoarthristis. Both of these products look like they would be helpful.

  33. I get migraines regularly. And about a year ago, when I became pregnant with our 4th, my migraines were about 1-2 times a week! I didn’t want to take any meds so I discovered that if I had a hot shower and just let the water beat down on my head and neck it was enough to keep the migraine to a mild headache. If that didn’t work bc I didn’t get in the shower in time or had too much on the go I would have some caffeine. This however could sometimes make it worse. But I managed that and eating salty crackers.

    Migraines suck!

  34. I have never concidered that bad posture would agrivate my migraines.I have been a sufferer for years, started at school and im nearly 40. I have just now in the last 2 weeks been refered to the migraine team to try and figure out whats going on.i have a migraine more often than not and sometimes if i have a migraine concentriting on crochet sometimes actually helps

  35. I have experienced pain in hand wrists and shoulders, I really like arnicare cream it is not minty and goes on clean not greasy

  36. oh yes the PAIN.I suffer from migraines and have tried so many meds for them and nothing seems to work.I went to see the chiro and he said I had so many nerves pinched off from my neck down.I had a mastectomy on my right side so that to also seemed to add on another host of problems such as lymphedemia.This looks like something I would love to try so I will cross my fingers and hope I can win this

  37. I work at my computer all day so those would be handy for that as well as for when I crochet for extended periods of time!

  38. I have constant pain in my right shoulder and upper arm. Being right handed it is sometimes extremely painful to crochet. I have tried stretching and creams to temporarily relieve the pain but do not have anything like this. Would love to try and see if it would help me with the pain.

  39. I never thought to use a back massager to avoid a migraine! Such a great idea and this blog reminds me to stop slouching! 😉

  40. I am currently undergoing cervical facet injections and have cervical radio frequency ablation scheduled due to issues with headaches caused my neck/shoulder posture. I never considered crocheting as a trigger. I wonder if this would help me!

  41. I just made an eye doctor appointment because I have been getting really bad headaches/migraines. I did not even think that it may be related to posture from crocheting. I am crocheting a LOT trying to get things done for Christmas. Thank you for sharing this!

  42. I get stiff neck and shoulders from looking down at my crocheting for extended periods and this would help so very much. It’s hard enough to get old but extra aches and pains really make it harder.

  43. Oh, this sounds like me! I was complaining about headaches and my daughter who is a certified massage therapist made me realize that my posture when crocheting was to blame. She gave me some stretches to do and told me to take frequent breaks. Either you take care of yourself and you can still crochet, or you don’t take the care you need and you can’t. For those crochet of us with compulsive crochet disorder it’s a hard but necessary lesson.

  44. Would love to win one of these. I have neck, shoulder, arm and back problems. Trying to crochet doesn’t help at all but I just keep trying to plug along. The Chiropractor has helped some but this would definitely help.

  45. I end up with a lot of lower back pain from sitting crocheting for too long. A chiropractor has made a huge difference to me. I need a new couch too but I’ll do with the chirp for now! Thankfully I have benefits through work that cover the treatments.

  46. I have a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, but not so much pain. I get pain in my hands when I crochet for a long time, though. I’ve been looking for solutions to both for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity to win. This might do the trick for my neck and shoulders.

  47. Sometimes my arms ache so I know that I have to stop and stretch. I haven’t seen this massager but I think I would like to use it. I’m glad you can self serve yourself with it. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  48. I often think my pain is more from spending time on the computer than from crocheting, but it helps if I look up once in awhile.

  49. I get migraines all the time now! I wonder if my posture is the cause as well. I’d love to try this to see if it helps!!

  50. I always have neck pain after crocheting for a long period of time. The only way to relieve it is to stop and stretch my neck with neck rolls. This helps a little, but does not last long. Maybe this massager is the answer. It’s worth a try. Thanks for the giveaway.

  51. I have almost given up one of my very favorite activities because of pain and migraines. This may be the answer! Or at least help me to get a few more minutes of my favorite therapy. ?✨?

  52. My pain is located in my hand. Doctor suggested surgery but I’m going to hold off on that for as long as possible.

  53. This massager looks fantastic. I bought one of the rollers after seeing your recommendation on FB and have recommended it to others. My arm issues are the result of a breaking and dislocating my right elbow almost 4 years ago. Crocheting for any great length of time aggravates the muscles and the nerve. So now it’s mandatory breaks, stretches and exercises that still do from physical therapy and a couple of tips my chiropractor has given me.

  54. When working on a long project I suffer from a great deal of shoulder and neck pain, what an awesome give away!

  55. I have experienced pain in my shoulders, upper back & arm. Recently, it’s been bad in my thumb & going from the pencil to the knife hold isn’t helping.
    I just rest & stretch when I’m not crocheting. I have caught myself stretching & rubbing my hands at stop lights & even in church.

  56. I have trouble with Tendonitis (for the past year now) and havent been able to crochet at all. Going to the chiropractor for adjustments and massages has been the only thing to help me with the pain and mobility!

  57. This sounds like something that would really help when I get stiff and sore in my neck and across my shoulders.

  58. As a person who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis I suffer from constant pain. Oddly enough crocheting helps, it’s therapy for my emotional and physical state. I may go slower now and not be able to do as much crocheting as I like but it helps. Other than knowing when to stop nothing else from me.

  59. This looks amazing! I have 6 conditions that cause chronic pain and disabled me due to severe pain and physical problems. This looks like it would help. Very few things do help. Crochet is my savior but can cause more pain so I need something like this.

  60. I so need this. I will sit and get lost in my crochet and when I finally come out of it I look like a hunchback and I hurt

  61. My issues have been more in my hands and arms. Frequent stretching breaks and sleeping in wrist braces that include “spica” thumb splints helps me the most.

  62. Thank you so much for the chance to win this massager. It would help me out big time with my lupus, and fibromyalgia, and arthritis and my many other issues. I love following your blogs. Good luck to everyone and thank you again for the chance to win.
    Kara Lewis

  63. This would be great. I sit with a heating pad on my shoulder most of the time while I crochet because of the pain.

  64. I experience pain in my shoulders below my neck and arms if I crochet a lot. Also, sometimes in my wrists as well. This giveaway is truly a blessing. I try to take frequent breaks when I can and try to limit my crochet time. However, I work on large projects and I am new still to crochet.

  65. When I’ve been marathon crocheting, I like to wear my cock-up wrist splints to bed that night. They are designed for carpal tunnel syndrome, but they just immobilize your wrists in their most natural position and let them rest and recuperate!

  66. I would love one of these to see if it will ease the pain in the back of my head and my neck due to crocheting and computer use! It would be wonderful. So glad it is helpful to you, too, so you can continue to provide us with exciting patterns!

  67. This looks like it would feel amazing! Neck and shoulder pain is no fun…. especially when it keeps you from doing the things you love!

  68. Ohhh my gosh this would be so helpful, especially this time of year – craft fair and Christmas present making!

  69. Hmm, I think I just sent you a message instead of posting, lol! So sorry! Yes, my sister is a massage therapist so she helps me when I get tight muscles from crocheting too much.

  70. i actually have the worst neck pain right now and wish i had tips to make it better. i’m relying on salon pas patches right now.

  71. I have pain 24/7 from fibro and other issues. I have never seen anything like this before! Would love to win and try it out!!!

  72. The reason I taught myself to crochet was due to my migraines. They were so bad and I would go to bed every night at 7 and spent no time with my husband. Crocheting allows me to focus my brain and I can stay up later. It does however mess with my neck and cause tension and then make my migraines suck which is a downfall of crocheting but I persist. This product looks amazing and I am so glad to hear that it helps!

    I hope your migraines get under better control.

  73. I get pain in my hands, arms, back and neck at times. I use a pillow to cushion my back when lounging on the couch and I use foam from the foam curlers to cushion my hooks which helps drastically.

  74. I could definitely use something like that. After sitting for an extended period, I have pain in my upper back near my right collarbone and up near my neck. Crocheting isn’t supposed to be a pain! Lol

  75. What a grrrreat Give-a-way!! Thank you for chance to win! 🙂 I too have ouchies from longmoments of crocheting..but I try to take regular breaks to stretch & do other things..then come back to work on my project. This Win would be soooo nice to use! 🙂

  76. The older I get the more I notice in my hands especially if I go too long never really thought about headaches but makes sense

  77. I’d love to have something like that! I’m sure it would be more than helpful in solving my neck/arm pain issues…which have kept me from crocheting as much as I’d like to!
    Thank you for the opportunity. I’d not seen this particular one before and it looks as if it is very helpful.

  78. Thank you for sharing!! I haven’t been crocheting as much as I would like to due to my carpel tunnel, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and Fibro!! Yeah I’m all messed up LOL! Whether I win or not I will be purchasing these massagers. Still crossing my fingers just in case!!

  79. I get both tension headaches and migraines, and when I crochet (or knit now) too long, my arm will let me know with pain and/or numbness. Although a sleep brace for my wrist has helped with some of that, partially because my sleep position wasn’t doing my arm any favors, and arm strain from crochet only made that worse.

  80. I get pain when I crochet for long periods of time, not to mention the headaches! This looks amazing! Even if I don’t win, at least now I know where to look.

  81. I, too, have problems with numbness in my hands and pain in my neck from crocheting too long. I often set a timer to get myself up and stretching if I am in the midst of a big project. Alternately, if I am listening to an audiobook while crocheting, I get up every chapter. Walking around and rolling my shoulders really helps as well. Looking forward to trying the massager as another solution!

  82. I get pain in my shoulders and neck from very tense muscles…crochet is therapy from stress for me. Now I need therapy for the pain that my therapy causes! Lol! Also, recently I’ve had more wrist and thumb pain. I’m looking into nutritional treatments at this time. Hope to find answers that really work. Thanks for this give away. I hope I win!

  83. I have been having a lot of pain in my dominant shoulder and reading your post is making me wonder if it is due to my crochet and knitting. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I’ll definitely be looking into the stretches you mentioned and these tools.


  84. I have tendinitis in both thumbs, but it only really flares when I do ami’s or crochet for extended periods without stretching

  85. I used to experience pain & numbness in my hand when crocheting for extended periods of time until I switched to ergonomic hooks. I “frankensteined” a few of my own (wrapping tape & yarn around them until the fit my hand contours) & still use them often, but I also invested in a few Furls Odyssey hooks too. The pain & numbness is gone.

  86. Yes, some times I do have shoulder and back pain when I Crochet, Knit, and Quilt. Oh, I never thought that I could use something as I would just work through it. This is great!

  87. I suffer from shoulder and neck pain a lot because of my posture – both during crochet and walking.

    This is a great tip. Thank you!


  88. Sometimes I have pain or stiffness in my shoulders. I try to pay attention to how I’m sitting and holding my work so I am not hunched over it and hold my work lower near my lap.Having my arms at a straighter angle seems to relieve pressure off my shoulders and elbows.

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