37 Free Valentine’s Crochet Patterns

This fun collection of cute, free Valentine’s crochet patterns will help you celebrate love with your favorite valentine.

I am really excited to share this round up of sweet, crochet projects for Valentine’s Day with you. You’re sure to find lots of cute and easy crochet ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re looking for a fun little crochet treat bag to make for a classroom of kids, a small gift idea to give your special someone, or Valentine’s crochet accessories to make and wear yourself, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect Valentine’s crochet project below!

In fact, I think you’re going to find so many excellent crochet gift ideas here, you may just run out of people make them for!

Valentine's crochet projects such as heart earrings, treat bag, heart nesting bowls, tissue box cover, fingerless mitts, embossed heart ombre hat.

What Can I Crochet for Valentine’s Day?

If you stumbled upon this round-up of free Valentine’s crochet patterns, you must be asking “What can I crochet for Valentine’s Day?”.

I’m here to show you that the answer to that question is “Just about everything!”.

This curated round up of quick and easy crochet patterns will help you make the perfect gift for your valentine.

No matter how old your special someone is, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect gift below!

Valentine Treat Bags & Cute Candy Holders

Let’s start with crochet valentine treat bags and candy holders.

I’ve found several little Valentine treat bag ideas for you. From mini treat bags to drawstring style candy pouches and candy dishes, these crochet containers all have one thing in common, they hold sweet treats.

These quick and easy crochet Valentine’s projects are perfect for your kids and grandkids to give their classmates at school as a Valentine.

Mini crochet Valentine treat bag in white with a medium pink heart. Small candies scattered on the table.

Valentine Treat Bags

These Valentine Treat Bags remind me of mini tote bags. Make the heart pop with a little crochet colorwork, or crochet yours in a solid color (they’re still super cute either way). These make perfect little crochet treat bags for a classroom full of kids, your kids, grandkids, or co-workers. Crochet pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

Light and dark pink crocheted heart headband with Valentine's candy.

Stacked Hearts Valentine’s Treat Holder & Headband

This cute little crochet hearts treat holder is duo purpose! It initially holds a candy sucker, but after you remove the treat, it can be worn as a cute crochet headband. It makes a fun crochet gift for kids for Valentine’s Day, birthday parties, and more. – Crochet Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

Crochet VD Heart Mini Treat Bags

Valentine’s Day Mini Treat Bags

Such a cute idea for kids to bring to school on Valentine’s Day filled with sweet treats to give their classmates. – Crochet Pattern by Blackstone Designs

Crochet Valentine's Jar Cozy with red crochet hearts.

Wrapped in Love Jar Cozy

What a fun way to spruce up a normal mason jar and turn it into a festive Valentine’s candy container. Perfect to give a loved one as a gift or to sit on your desk at work. – Crochet Pattern by Blackstone Designs

Pink crochet candy bag with cross stitch heart.

Cross My Heart Treat Bag

The Cross My Heart Treat Bag is a simple drawstring bag design with a cross-stitch heart. It’s another great idea for kids to pass out to classmates at school. – Crochet Pattern by Moogly

Have you ever tried to cross stitch on your crochet projects? It’s a fun technique! I added a simple cross stitch design to my Cross Stitch Make-up Bag & Pouch.

Crochet VDay Kisses Treat Bag

Valentine Kisses Treat Bags

Another fun crochet Valentine’s treat bag from Blackstone Designs. Instead of a crochet heart applique, this one features cute little kissing lip appliques. – Crochet Pattern by Blackstone Designs

Crochet Valentines Candy Bag with hearts.

Valentine’s Crochet Candy Bag

A sweet and simple little crochet drawstring candy pouch. I love the little crochet hearts she added to the end of the drawstrings. – Crochet Pattern by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Crochet heart nesting dishes.

Heart Nesting Baskets

These super cute crochet heart nesting baskets are fun to use as small candy dishes to put out in your home around Valentine’s Day! They are the perfect size to hold an assortment of different candies. – Crochet Pattern by Blackstone Designs

Crochet Valentine's Can Cozy.

I Love You Can Cozy

A fun tapestry crochet pattern for Valentine’s Day that would also make a cute little candy dish. – Crochet Pattern by JO to the World Creations

Crochet Valentine's Day Tissue Box Cover.

Tissue Box Cover or Valentine’s Mailbox

This Valentine’s Day crochet pattern can be a fun way to add a little festive home decor by covering a tissue box.

It could also be used by kids as a mailbox for their desk at school on Valentine’s Day. What a fun way to receive their Valentine’s cards and treats from classmates. – Crochet Pattern by JO to the World Creations

Crochet heart pouch.

Crochet Heart Pouch

This cute little crochet heart pouch could be used to hold tissues as shown, or to hold earbuds and other small items. It could even be made into a change purse for kids with the help of a little velcro to keep it closed. – Crochet Pattern by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Crochet Valentine's Card C2C Envelope

C2C Valentine’s Envelope

The C2C Valentine’s Envelope is another creative idea for a Valentine’s card and treat holder. This Corner to Corner Crochet Valentine’s envelope is perfect for full size cards, small Valentine’s cards and all the other goodies collected by kids on Valentine’s Day. – Crochet Pattern by Eye Love Knots

Crochet Valentine's Love Notes.

Love Notes Valentine

What a super cute idea for a Valentine’s gift for kids or grandkids! This is fun little gift will last long beyond Valentine’s Day.

This easy crochet project is great for kids to take along on car rides, long waits at doctor appointments, or just for keeping themselves occupied when they need to. – Crochet Pattern by Blackstone Designs

Crochet Accessories for Valentine’s Day

Can I crochet something to wear on Valentine’s Day? Of course you can!

In this section, you’ll find several crochet accessories that are perfect to make and wear to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

From cold weather accessories to crochet jewelry, all of these projects make fun, festive accessories that you can wear on Valentine’s Day yourself, or crochet as a gifts for that special someone.

I live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in a beautiful, snowy and frozen tundra. So, crochet beanies, scarves, and mittens make perfect accessories for Valentine’s Day here.

Pink ombre crocheted slouch hat with an embossed heart and light pink embossed crochet heart beanie.

My Love Beanie and Slouch

The My Love Beanie & Slouch is one of my most popular free crochet beanie patterns. Although the embossed crochet heart design may look complicated, it’s actually quite easy.

I crocheted the pink ombre slouch for my daughter Claire and all of her friends at school asked if her mom could make them one too. It’s a perfect Valentine’s gift for any age! – Crochet Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

If you love the textured design in the My Love Beanie & Slouch, you’ll also love my Argyle Beanie & Slouch.

Sisters wearing cream and medium grey crochet ear warmers with hearts in granny stitch.

Granny Heart Head Warmer

A crochet head warmer is the perfect accessory to wear when it’s cold outside, but you are going to be active and know a crochet beanie would be way too warm.

The Granny Heart Head Warmer is great for when I’m cross country skiing or snowshoeing. That’s when my heart is pumping enough to keep me warm, but my ears get a little cold. – Crochet Design by A Crocheted Simplicity

Crochet head warmer with large pink heart.

Here’s My Heart Headband

The Here’s My Heart Headband is a nice wide crochet head warmer that will help keep those ears warm on a cold or windy winter day. It also makes a quick and easy crochet Valentine’s gift. – Crochet Pattern by Stitching Together

Girl smiling and modeling cute little faux fur crochet teddy bear earmuffs.


Oh my goodness, these furry little Bearmuffs are surely going to be THE most adorable thing you’ll see today! All the heart eyes for these cuties. – Crochet Pattern by Little World of Whimsy

Woman modeling a medium pink, chunky yarn, crochet cabled heart ear warmer.

Chunky Cabled Heart Ear Warmer

Crocheted with only one ball of super bulky yarn and an 8.00mm crochet hook, this cute Chunky Cabled Heart Ear Warmer will work up in no time. It’s a perfect one skein crochet project for a last minute accessory! – Crochet Pattern by Salty Pearl Crochet

Pink and white striped crochet scarf posed in the shape of a heart with dried roses in the center.

Sweetheart Spike Scarf

The Sweetheart Spike Scarf is a beautifully textured crochet design. It’s perfect to make and wear or make and gift! – Crochet Pattern by Pine Tree Crochet

Crochet Heart Scarf

Heartbeat Scarf

This is a nice wide scarf with a granny stitch heart at each end. Pair it with my Granny Heart Head Warmer from above and you’ve got a great crochet set for Valentine’s that could be worn the rest of the season. – Crochet Pattern by Banana Moon Studio

Bubblegum pink crochet infinity scarf with red and white hearts stitched in.

Happy Hearts Infinity Scarf

Super fun and colorful, the Happy Hearts Infinity Scarf is a great accessory if you’re spending Valentine’s Day in a cooler climate. I would also love to see this in cream and shades of grey! – Crochet Pattern by The Unraveled Mitten

Woman in silver colored sweater wearing fuscia colored crochet fingerless mitts.

Heartstrings Fingerless Gloves

The Heartstrings Fingerless Crochet Gloves are a perfect cool weather accessory for Valentine’s Day! They’ll keep your hands warm while allowing you the dexterity to use a cellphone or fumble with your house keys to unlock the front door.

Can you see how the crochet star stitch pattern gives the illusion of rows of little crochet hearts. – Crochet Pattern by Kirsten Holloway Designs

Pink crochet mittens with white cuffs laying on a snowy evergreen bush.

Fuzzy Crochet Mittens

If you live in a frozen tundra, like myself, and building a snowman on Valentine’s Day isn’t unheard of, these fuzzy pink crocheted mittens are the perfect crochet accessory to keep your hands warm. – Once Upon a Cheerio

Crochet heart emoji sleep mask.

Heart Eyes Emoji Sleep Mask

The Heart Eyes Emoji Sleep Mask is another quick and easy crochet project that is perfect for kids. These would be super cute to work up and give a small gifts for a birthday party sleepover. – Crochet Pattern by Blackstone Designs

Crochet heart earrings.

Heart Earrings

A great beginner crochet pattern, these adorable heart earrings are not only super cute, but they are also quick and easy to crochet! They make the perfect accessory to go with multiple outfits for a variety of occasions. – Crochet Pattern by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Crochet heart bracelet.

Heart Bracelet

I love the daintiness of this crochet Heart Bracelet. It’s a great way to add a nice subtle accent to the Valentine’s outfit you wear to dinner on this special day out. – Crochet Pattern by Blue Star Crochet

Crochet for Coffee Lovers

Does your valentine love coffee (or another hot beverage)?

Make them a quick and easy crochet coffee sleeve or a crochet heart coaster and pair it with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop!

They’re sure to exclaim, ” Thanks a latte!”, or maybe even, “I love you a latte!”.

Okay, okay, okay, enough with the coffee lover puns and on with the patterns.

Medium pink and white crochet coffee sleeve with a granny stitch heart.

Love at First Sip Coffee Sleeve

My Love at First Sip Crochet Coffee Sleeve has been popular among coffee enthusiasts. It’s a quick and easy coffee sleeve pattern that fits most any standard travel size cup. Use it on drinks, both hot and cold. It makes a perfect gift by itself or pair it with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. – Crochet Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

Crochet heart coasters.

Heart Coaster

A simple Heart Coaster can make a perfect gift for your coffee drinking loved ones. You could also make 2, sew a couple of the edges together and you’ll have another cute little crochet heart candy pouch for Valentine’s Day. – Crochet Pattern by Hooked on Patterns

Fun & Easy Crochet Valentine Gifts

Are you planning to crochet small valentines for an entire classroom of students?

Do you crochet small gifts for your grandkids for Valentine’s Day?

Below, you’ll find several easy crochet valentine gifts you can make in under an hour and most use scraps of yarn!

There are cute crochet bookmarks, lip balm holders, amigurumi hearts, crochet keychains, and more.

Red crochet monster bookmark on cat book.

Happy Monsters Bookmark

My Happy Monsters Bookmark pattern is a quick and easy crochet gift to make for your kids to bring to school and pass out for Valentine’s Day. With class sizes as big as 20 to 30 kids, quick and easy is key! – Crochet Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

Colorful crochet heart bookmarks.

Colorful Valentine’s Day Hearts

These Colorful Valentine’s Day Hearts are cute, colorful and offer so many possibilities. They could be used as bookmarks, keychains, dangling ornaments, pendants, or anything else you can imagine. With an assortment of possibilities, these hearts make the perfect versatile gift to make for Valentine’s Day. – Crochet Design by Golden Lucy Crafts

Crochet lip balm bomb holder.

You’re The Balm

The You’re The Balm crochet pattern is a very clever idea to give as a Valentine’s gift to your tween or teenager. This age can be hard to buy for sometimes and it’s hard to come up with new gift ideas that are affordable. We have two teenage girls in the house and their lip balm collections are constantly growing, so cute lip balm covers will be well received! – Crochet Pattern by Petals to Picots

Crochet heart balloons.

3D Crochet Heart

The 3D Crochet Balloon Hearts are great idea to compliment a Valentine’s gift of chocolates or flowers. Crochet these cute little heart shaped balloons that can be used over and over again for different events. – Crochet Pattern by Zamiguz

Red 3D crochet heart laying on a desk with candy.

Mini Heart Puff Plushy

Take a simple crochet heart applique and turn it into a decoration for Valentine’s Day, a pin cushion, or string several together to make a cute puffy heart bunting. – Crochet Pattern by Meladora’s Creations

Crochet ice cream cone keychains.

Crochet Ice Cream Keychain

These Crochet Ice Cream Keychains remind me of the toys my girls used to get call mini brands. They’re absolutely adorable and can be used as a keychain or a charm for your kid’s backpack. What a super cute crochet idea for Valentine’s Day gifts for your kids’ classmates! – Crochet Pattern by The Friendly Redfox

Chocolate crochet cupcake with pink frosting and sprinkles.

Amigurumi Cupcake

Zero calories, but oh so sweet! This super sweet crochet Amigurumi Cupcake pattern is one that can be duo purpose. It’s really cute as a Valentine’s gift, for a birthday party, your kids tea set, or as part of their amigurumi food items in a kitchen set. – Crochet Pattern by Make And Do Crew

Crochet Cookies.

Crochet Cookies and Milk

This super cute Crochet Cookies and Milk pattern set is another one that’s great to make for a kid’s kitchen set. Simply change the colors of yarn and the cookie flavors are endless! – Crochet Pattern by Green Fox Farms Designs

Yellow crochet worry worms with heart emoji eyes.

Valentine’s Worry Worm

Have you heard of crochet worry worms? They’re a really sweet way to put a smile on someone’s face. – Crochet Pattern by Start Crochet

Valentine's crochet patterns such as heart earrings, crochet treat bags, heart nesting bowls, head warmers, mittens and more.

I hope this round-up of 30+ Free Valentine’s Crochet Patterns has answered your burning question “What can I crochet for Valentine’s Day?”. As you can see, the options are endless!

Did you find a pattern or two that has inspired you? Make sure to pin this round up on Pinterest to save it for later!

If you’d like more crochet ideas for Valentine’s Day, check out this previous crochet pattern round-up I curated, 30+ Free Crochet Patterns to Celebrate Love!

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