Join us for the 2019 Christmas Stocking Crochet Along!

Tis the season to be jolly and crochet all things Christmas for all of the people we love. I absolutely LOVE this time of year and being able to crochet handmade gifts for family and friends. The only thing I love more is being able to enjoy our craft with a group of like minded crocheters. This is where YOU come in! Come join us for the 2019 Christmas Stocking Crochet Along where we’ll enjoy fabulous friends, fun, and prizes!


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While I was sketching and planning a new Christmas stocking design I realized that I couldn’t choose just one design for this year’s Christmas stocking crochet along. So, this year I’m releasing FIVE new crochet Christmas stocking designs! You can choose to make just one, or you can choose to make 2, 3, 4 or 5. It’s totally up to you!



Join us for the 2019 Christmas Stocking Crochet Along! This is a free event for all with weekly prizes. We hope you'll join us!



Do you love the social aspect of a crochet along? Do you love to crochet all of the holiday items you can? If you answered “yes” to either of these, then this crochet along is for you! What are you waiting for? Read the CAL details below and then join us in the A Crocheted Simplicity Crochet Community group on Facebook or the Ravelry group, for some CAL F-U-N! 

Not so sure you’d like to join the CAL? Let me try to twist your arm… keep reading below….


First, a little info about the designs!

If you love holiday themed crochet, if you making stockings for your loved ones, if you love having options, then you’ll LOVE this crochet along!

It’s been a year since my last crochet stocking design and I wanted to design another one, but ended up designing 5! With each new stocking design I try to incorporate a new element. For these stocking designs I played around with plaid colorwork using textured crochet stitch patterns, working with faux fur yarn to make cuffs, poms and even an entire stocking, a nicely textured, classic looking stitch pattern, and a fun technique I’ve used on a few other designs this year.

Now, you may be intimidated by one or more of these designs, but the best part of a crochet along is that all hands are on deck to help! 

Yarns: All stockings were designed using worsted weight yarns and/or a super bulky faux fur yarn. Please see individual stocking patterns for specific yarns and yardage.

How big are the stockings? Please see individual stocking patterns for sizes. They are similar in size, but do vary slightly.

Tutorials: The patterns include photo tutorials & charts as needed, but if you still need a little help, the best part of a CAL is the extra access you have to myself and many other talented crocheters who are all working on the same project at the same time!



Why should I join the Crochet Along?

  • Crochet alongs bring a great sense of community to our craft.
  • A CAL is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends who share your same passions. 
  • They’re also great opportunities to share your talents with others by helping those in the group who are eager to learn new skills, but may need a little help along the way.
  • You’ll receive exclusive help from myself as I’ll be there daily to answer any of your questions, should you have any.
  • If you’ve never made a stocking before, a crochet along setting is the best place to learn! Come join us and let’s put those fears to rest! 😀
  • And last, but not least…. THE AWESOME PRIZES! 😉 



Brand New Christmas Stocking Patterns

Click on the links below to be taken to that specific free stocking pattern: 


Lion Brand Yarns – Save 25% with code NOV25 until 11/26/2019/.

Click the links below to be taken to each specific yarn.

The following are the yarns & quantities for the stockings shown:



Join us for the 2019 Christmas Stocking Crochet Along! This is a free event for all with weekly prizes. We hope you'll join us!


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Sounds like a blast! What do I have to do to get started?

Step 1: Click HERE to sign-up to receive our newsletter (if you aren’t already signed up)!  I’d hate to have you miss out on the announcements!

Step 2: Click HERE to join the ACS Crochet Community Facebook Group (if you’re not already a member), OR Click HERE to join the Ravelry group.

Step 3: Crochet Along with us by following the schedule below & be entered to win weekly prizes! 😀

Step 4: Don’t forget to enter the yarn giveaway before you go!

Step 5: Choose 1 or more of the patterns to crochet during the crochet along. 


*This post contains affiliate links.


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Crochet Along with us for the Cateline Cabled Bag CAL hosted by A Crocheted Simplicity

Psst… Don’t miss out on the awesome giveaway! Make sure you read this entire blog post!



Crochet Along Schedule

November 22 – November 28 (2019): Choose which stocking you’re going to make, choose your yarn and make sure you’ve joined us in the A Crocheted Simplicity Facebook Community Group, or Ravelry group. Add a photo of your materials to the Week 1 CAL post in whatever group you’re in.

November 29 – December 5: Complete the leg & heel of your stocking (if making the Christmas Tree stocking, complete the toe and foot of stocking). Add a photo of your progress to the Week 2 CAL post in the Facebook group or Ravelry group.

December 6 – 12: Complete the foot and toe of your stocking (if making the Christmas Tree stocking, complete the heel and leg of stocking). Add a photo of your progress to the Week 3 CAL post in the Facebook group or Ravelry group.

December 13 – 19: Complete the hanging loop, cuff, poms and tassels for your stocking (depending on which stocking you’re making and what your prefer). Add a photo of your completed stocking to the Week 4 CAL post in the Facebook group or Ravelry group.




Enter to Win Weekly Prizes

There will be weekly drawings and great prizes to be won! To be eligible to win the weekly prizes you must do the following:

Step 1) Join us in the A Crocheted Simplicity Facebook Community Group, or Ravelry group.

Step 2) Make sure to post a photo of each week’s progress on the appropriate CAL post by midnight before the next week begins.

All crocheters who have posted their progress photos by the deadline will be put into a random drawing for the current week. Since we’re so close to the holidays, I will be giving away Amazon Gift Cards weekly! Winners will be announced in the Facebook group & Ravelry group on Fridays.


Here it is, you’ve reached the end of the blog post. You’re probably wondering where it is. Where what is? Well, way up there ^^^ I told you to keep reading because we’re going to have a giveaway before the CAL even begins! Since you’ve made it all the way to the end….



The Yarn Giveaway is now closed! Please check the winners list below.


Join us for the 2019 Christmas Stocking Crochet Along! This is a free event for all with weekly prizes. We hope you'll join u


a Rafflecopter giveaway



(3) Winners will each receive the following: Winner’s choice of color needed to crochet 1 of the 5 new stockings and an Ad-Free PDF of the crochet pattern.

(3) Winners will each receive an Ad-Free PDF of 1 of the 5 new stockings. 



Congratulations to our Winners!!! 

If your name is listed below, please keep an eye out in your e-mail inbox as I will be sending out e-mails so you can claim your prize! 

Yarn Winners: Millie, Karen D & Kelsey M

Pattern Winners: Tina S, Pat G & Patty S

Winners must claim prizes before 11/29/2019.




Additional Contest Details & Rules (because we have to have rules)

  • Yarn Prize is open to crocheters in the U.S. & Canada only. 
  • Ad-Free PDF contest is open to readers Worldwide, except void where prohibited by law. 
  • To win, enter by 11:59pm CST on November 22, 2019.
  • (6) YES, you read that correctly, SIX Lucky winners will be randomly drawn on Friday (see prize list above), November 23, 2019. Winners will be announced right here on the blog!


I hope you’re all as excited as I am to get this crochet along started.


Join us and let’s do a little holiday crocheting! 

Happy Crocheting, Jennifer 


    1. I have never made a Christmas stocking so I am excited to do the CAL and I choose the O’ Christmas Tree Stocking

  1. I am so excited!! I want to make a Buffalo Plaid stocking, but with Michigan Tech University colors. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I love them all! My favourite one is the Go for Faux Christmas stocking, but I am planning on making them all 🙂 🙂

  3. I love the plaid stocking… perhaps because plaid is my favourite colour! I always love you CAL’s Jennifer and the enabling posts!

    1. I want to try Diamonds and Fur, Classic Textures, and Christmas tree! I hope I can squeeze them in between finishing gifts!

  4. i am choosing the Christmas tree stocking can’t wait to check it out as soon as the pattern link is posted!!! thank you for this CAL looks like fun!!

  5. Need a stocking for a Secret Santa gift exchange at work next month so hoping to make a solid color stocking. Thanks for the CAL!

  6. You’re right about it being hard to choose! If I have time, I’ll have to make more than one. I’ll probably start with the Classic Textures, and then go for the Diamonds.

  7. oooooh, that diamonds and Fur looks so glamorous! I’m going to make a set of 5 for my friend and her family!

  8. I can’t decide between the buffalo plaid and the diamonds and fur stockings, so I might just have to make both lol

  9. Another fun CAL. I quite like the O Christmas Tree stocking. Choosing a Pom, or tassel is another issue, but a happy one. 🤗

  10. I am so excited to get started. I don’t think I’ll be able to choose just one stocking! I may just have to make all 5!

  11. I really want to make the Faux Fur, Classic Textures and the O’Christmad Tree stockings!! They look amazing and so fantastic!!

  12. I have been wanting to start making Christmas stockings for my family. I love all of the choices. I am going to start with my 1st grandbaby and make his first.

    1. I love all of the stockings! I am going to make the buffalo plaid stocking first. I can not wait to start! Thank you for all of your beautiful patterns.

  13. I truly love all of them and would like to make all five, time permitting! I will start with the buffalo plaid stocking to dive into my first plaid project. 🙂

  14. So excited! I love your patterns and have purchased all of your stocking patterns, and make and adore them! My only issues is I AM NOT ON FACEBOOK :0( I dont want to be left out but for personal reasons cannot go on facebook does this leave me out?

  15. Every single stocking is just beautiful. Don’t know how I will choose, so I may have to make them all. Thank you so much for the patterns, and thank you for making the patterns available to your devoted followers who are not on Facebook. We won’t be able participate in all the aspects of the CAL, but we will still be able to make lovely items.

  16. I am so excited to do this cal. I love every one of these but I think I will start with the Red one and work my way from there! Thank you for sharing!

  17. I love your new patterns. I’ve narrowed it down to Diamonds & Fur or Classic Textures. It’s hard to choose. The last knitted stocking I made was 40 years ago.

  18. Love them all! I’ve narrowed it down to either the classic textures or the diamond and fur. But in the end it will be whichever one my daughter likes the most.

  19. I will definitely start with the christmas tree stocking! I love the diamond one – depends on if I find the faux yarn in time.

  20. My kids are in need of some stocking upgrades and I am thrilled that this crochet along is happening! I’ll definitely be participating! Thank you for all the great patterns. It’ll be hard to choose which one to make first.

  21. I’m going to make the plaid stocking. It will be my first stocking AND my first time doing plaid. Hopefully the first of many!
    Many thanks

  22. I think I will be doing the O Christmas Tree stocking for the CAL, but I’m sure i will be making @ least one of the others, as well…GORGEOUS!

  23. I am definitely making the Diamonds and Fur Stocking. I love them all. I have never crocheted a stocking but I have wanted to for a long time. Thank you for the perfect opportunity with your amazing patterns.

  24. I’ve never made a stocking before, but I’m excited to try! The traditional textures and the Christmas tree ones look super cute!

  25. I was at first attracted to the all faux fur stocking because I recently bought some faux fur yarn and although I bought it for pom poms was excited by the possibility of making it into a full project! But then the plaid definitely caught my eye! I’ll have to think about this one…all depends on what yardage I have in my stash.

  26. I want to make the diamonds and fur stocking but because of funds and such I will probably pull from my stash and make the Christmas Tree one. Wondering how it will look in other colors.

  27. I won love to win yarn for any of them . never made a stocking , lovely to choose from. I like texture, so classic texture pattern, a great start! I have three grandsons, granddaughter due Christmas! All are blessings. This Granny needs to get on it! Thanks for this CAL., giveaway!

  28. I’m so excited for this CAL. Our family is in need of new Christmas stockings. I mad e a plaid tree skirt last year, and the Buffalo Plaid stockings would match perfectly!

  29. I think my favorite is the Diamonds & Fur Christmas Stocking, but I like the Faux Fur Stocking also!

    Thanks for the chance!

  30. Wow! What amazing designs! The buffalo plaid is what grabbed my attention. But I would love to make all of these. I’m crossing my fingers and checking my stash. I’ll be home in a couple of hours… I’m so excited! ♥️♥️♥️

  31. I can’t decide between the Faux Fur and the Diamonds and Fur so I may have to make both. The buffalo plaid one is adorable too!!

  32. I think I’ll try making the buffalo plaid stocking or the Christmas tree stocking. Depends on the yarn in my stash.

  33. Thanks for all the great patterns! I’m already on my second buffalo plaid sticking and hope to make my nieces and nephews each a unique stocking.

  34. My two favorites -out of all five of the beautiful patterns- are the classic textures stocking and the faux fur stocking!

  35. I love all five of them ❤️, they are beautiful. I really am having a hard time deciding between the Tree and the Diamonds. I am going to start with the Diamonds and hopefully have enough time to complete both.

  36. All of these stocking patterns are so pretty! I have two favorites though. The diamonds and fur and the buffalo plaid! I’m starting with the buffalo plaid!

  37. I think I’d like to try the Classic Textures Stocking. There’s just just something about that classic look that really appeals to me, although I do love them all!

  38. I love them all, but the first one on my list is Diamonds and Fur!

    Thank you for generously sharing your talent with us!

  39. I would like to try to crochet the buffalo plaid stocking but I have never tried doing the plaid technique. I haven’t tried using the faux fur yarn either. Im going to try the buffalo plaid stocking! There’s always a first time for everything, right?

  40. I was hoping to make stockings for my family this year so this CAL couldn’t have come at a better time. Definite going to start with the argyle one. I love the design.

  41. I’m going to be making the Diamonds and Fur for my daughter. Has such a classy look. Will definitely think about O’ Christmas Tree and Buffalo Plaid

  42. I’m not sure but I think maybe the plaid or the tree stockings are the ones I’ll try.
    Thanks for the patterns:)

  43. love all of them, but I think my favorite is the Diamonds and Fur. Then again the Faux Fur one would be lots of fun.

  44. This will be my first Christmas stocking, I would like to do the plaid but will have to check the stash to see what yarn I have. Excited!!

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