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  1. I’ve just started experimenting with home-made lotions and have struggled to find one that works well for me. This one looks really promising and I’m looking forward to trying it once I receive my order of carrot seed and raspberry seed oils!

    I’m just wondering about preservation – I’ve been reading a lot on the internet that anything that has a water-like base (from my understanding aloe gel counts as this) needs a preservative to keep it safe beyond a few days? Are one of the ingredients in this list a natural preservative? Or is this preservative-free? In that case, how long does the product last?

    • Hi Sara, Here’s an article regarding natural preservatives. There are several things you can use (including some of the essential oils you choose) to help preserve the shelf life of your lotions. Lots of great info there that you can incorporate into your lotion. I typically use mine up rather quickly, make sure to store it in a dark cupboard, use small bamboo spatulas (found on Amazon) to scoop lotion out and I use different essential oils that help preserve and I’ll also add T-50 Vitamin E Oil.
      I hope this info helps you on your way to finding something that works great for you!

  2. Thank you so much for the recipe! I can’t wait to try it out. All the other recipes were always too greasy, that’s why I’m so excited for this one! I have a question though, can I substitute shea butter with cocoa butter, or mix like half half? Or will that change the consistency? Thank you!

    • Hi Dana,

      You could definitely play around with it and tweak it to make it your own. As for the consistency, if it seems thicker near the end, just mix it for less time and vice versa, if it’s a little thin, you can mix it a tad longer until it’s the honey like consistency. 🙂

  3. Hi, I absolutely love your recipe, however, I must did something wrong or use the wrong oil, I am allergic to coconut oil, so I used a mixture of evening primrose oil, jojoba oil and borage oil to substitute the coconut oil. And I used homemade aloe vera gel from my own plant. The “cream” was okay up to method 8, magic didn’t happened and the ‘mixture’ didn’t turn into a cream, it ended up as a greenish colour lotion…..><….
    Can you tell me what did I do wrong?
    Still, the lotion does give me a super soft skin…. I am suffering from severe eczema, have been searching for a non greasy recipe, yours one seems perfect, well, if I can get it to become a cream….

  4. Question, Do you use this on your face? I’m looking for a diy cream or lotion that I can use on my face. All the ones i’ve made thus far have been too greasy.

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