Crochet Stitch Photo & Video Tutorial | Modified Slst2tog

I can’t knit a stitch to save my life…I tried, I failed, I taught myself to crochet! 🙂

I love crochet and all of the gorgeous stitch patterns that can be created, but I also love a good challenge and the look of knitted garments. So I thought to myself, “What better challenge than to design “Knit-Look” crochet garments & accessories?” This tutorial is for the modified slst2tog and it is the stitch I use most in my “Knit-Look” line. I believe this stitch is the closest crochet stitch that resembles knit. The photo below is of my Men’s “Knit-Look” Reversible Beanie. This design was the first in my “Knit-Look” line and is a classic look for men!

Men's "Knit-Look" Reversible Beanie crochet pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity
Men’s “Knit-Look” Reversible Beanie

This stitch isn’t complicated, but it will take a minute for you to train your brain to work it. Included in this stitch tutorial is a step-by-step photo tutorial, a video tutorial and a list of the most common mistakes. After working thru both tutorials and the troubleshooting list you should be able to work the modified slst2tog like a pro! 😀

Let’s begin with the written stitch definition!

Modified slst2tog (Mslst2tog): Insert hook into the same st as the last st worked, yo, pull up a loop, insert hook into the next st, yo, pull up a loop and pull it thru both loops on hook.

A Couple Quick Notes:

  • In my designs and this tutorial I have abbreviated the modified slst2tog to simply Mslst2tog because typing out modified slst2tog every time is rather redundant.
  • I call this a modified slst2tog because you begin each one in the last st worked, therefore, your stitch count will not decrease.
  • It will seem as though you’re working these stitches along the backside of the previous row stitches.


That’s it! Easy peasy, right? Well, it is an easy stitch, but there are a couple of tricky things about it that I’ll go over after the photo tutorial.

Click HERE to watch the Video Tutorial

Continue below for a complete photo tutorial.


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Modified Slst2tog Photo Tutorial

*If you’d like to work up a swatch to practice this stitch, chain any number you’d like (15-20 is usually a good number), sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across. Continue on to Photo A.

slst2tog blog tutorial 1

Photo A: Shows the ch 1, Turn, before you begin an even numbered row.

Photo B: Shows a sl st into the first stitch.

Photo C: Begin your first Mslst2tog by inserting your hook into the same st as the last st worked (the sl st from photo B).

slst2tog blog tutorial 2

Photo D: Yo, pull up a loop.

Photo E: Insert your hook into the next st.

Photo F: Yo, pull up a loop.

slst2tog blog tutorial 3

Photo G: Pull thru both loops on hook. (1 Mslst2tog created)

Photo H: Begin the next Mslst2tog (and each additional Mslst2tog) by inserting your hook into the SAME stitch as the previous Mslst2tog, yo.

Photo I: Pull up a loop.

slst2tog blog tutorial 4

Photo J: Insert hook into next st.

Photo K: Yo, pull up a loop.

Photo L: Pull thru both loops on hook. (2nd Mslst2tog created)

Repeat steps H thru L for each remaining Mslst2tog that the pattern calls for.

slst2tog blog tutorial 5

Photo M: This photo shows what the Wrong Side of your work will look like.

Photo N: This photo shows what the Right Side of your work will look like. *Note: Depending on which stitches and hook sizes are used for your odd numbered rows, your “knit-look” ribbing may be spaced further apart.


  • If you’ve worked thru the step-by-step photo tutorial and the video tutorial and your completed swatch still doesn’t look right, double check to make sure you’re not making 1 of 2 of the most common mistakes below.
  • The most common mistake made is adding a “yo” and pulling thru 3 loops on hook to complete the stitch. While this feels like a natural thing to do, DO NOT yo again before completing the stitch. Refer to Photos K & L above.
  • The second most common mistake is stitch placement. Make sure you’re beginning each Mslst2tog in the same st as the last st worked. Refer to Photo H above.


Practice the Mslst2tog on the following designs!

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I hope by now you’re on your way to mastering the modified slst2tog! 😀

Happy Crocheting, Jennifer.


  1. Great video tutorial! Love this stitch! Thank you for sharing! I love your patterns, will purchase more in future.

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