Mini-Mystery Crochet Alongs – Information Guide

Hello & Welcome to our Mini-Mystery Crochet Alongs! If you haven’t already done so, please make sure to sign-up for our newsletter so that you don’t miss out on future mini-mystery crochet alongs! You will receive an e-mail to announce the material list and start date of each MMCAL event.

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What is a Mini-Mystery Crochet Along?

  • Mini = Small Project, Small Amount of Yarn, & Short Timeframe
  • Mystery = The project will remain a mystery until it’s complete (unless you’re a super sleuth and can figure it out before you finish).
  • Cost: Zero. These CALs are FREE for all!
  • Timeframe: These CALs will run from 2 to 3 days so that our friends who live on the other side of the world can participate too. The timeframe of each CAL will be posted with the material list.
  • Prizes: We will have a variety of prizes including, but not limited to: yarn, notions, and crochet patterns.  *Open to crocheters worldwide.
  • Timezone Information: I live in the Central Time Zone in North America. This is the same timezone as Chicago, IL. If you need to find out how that compares to the timezone you live in, this is a great website to use: The World Clock (click here)

How does a Mini-Mystery Crochet Along work?

I will send out a newsletter 2 days before the next CAL begins (make sure you’ve signed up to receive them). This newsletter will contain a link to the blog post announcing the new CAL. The blog post will include information such as a material list and schedule.

Simply pop on over to the blog post, via the link in the newsletter, check out the material list and schedule and decide if you’d love to join us for some fun!

The mystery design will be broken up into 2 – 3 segments depending on the design. The first segment will be posted when the CAL begins. 24 hours, the same blog post will be updated with segment 2. Then 24 hours later, the same blog post will be updated with segment 3. Note: not all crochet alongs will have 3 segments. Some will only have 2.

How do I participate in a Mini-Mystery Crochet Along?

To join us for the most current Mini-Mystery Crochet Along, make sure you’re a member of either the A Crocheted Simplicity Crochet Community on Facebook, OR the A Crocheted Simplicity group on Ravelry. All Mini-Mystery Crochet Alongs will be hosted in these 2 groups.

When a new MMCAL is announced I will post the graphic above in each group and the post will be titled with the new MMCAL. Comment, ask questions, and post your progress photos on this specific MMCAL post in either group. This is where we will randomly be choosing winners of prizes so please make sure you participate to take full advantage of the fun!

Once you complete each segment, add a photo of your work to the post in the group you’ve joined. You will need to add at least 1 photo for each segment in order to be entered to win all of the prizes. Each photo you post will be assigned a number. Keep track of your numbers as we use these to draw winners!

Make sure you have added your final photo to the post in the group before the crochet along ends.

Hope to see you soon!

I hope you’ll consider joining us for our Mini-Mystery Crochet Alongs. If you’ve stumbled upon this post in between crochet alongs, make sure to visit our Free Crochet Pattern Section or Ravelry Shop, while you wait for our next Mini-Mystery Crochet Along to begin!



    1. Hi! After sending out my newsletter I received several messages asking if I could host this on Ravelry as well. In order to accomadate everyone, I’ve got things set up in my Ravelry group too! So please re-read this post as I’ve updated it with a link to the Ravelry group, and join us over there! 🙂


  1. Will the information be on the blog or ravelry, as well as facebook, cuz there’s some of us that don’t/won’t do facebook?

    1. Hi! After sending out my newsletter I received several messages asking if I could host this on Ravelry as well. In order to accomadate everyone, I’ve got things set up in my Ravelry group too! So please re-read this post as I’ve updated it with a link to the Ravelry group, and join us over there! 🙂


    1. Hi Sue – Please let me know what part is confusing and I’ll answer your questions. 🙂 Jennifer

    1. Hi Debbie – You simply need to choose either the Ravelry group or Facebook group to join and you’ll see the first MMCAL post in either of those 2 groups. 🙂


  2. Hi Jennifer. I am signed up for your regular newsletter. Is the newsletter for the MMCAL newsletter different? I don’t mind signing up for it but don’t want you to have me signed up twice. Besides I forget which email I used.


    1. If you’re already signed up, you should be good to go! Did you receive the newsletter I sent Saturday?

  3. I’m anxious to try this mini CAL out. One request though. Can you change your font color? This comment is in a grey color font on white background. I’m having trouble reading my own comment. The same grey on a light blue background us also hard to read. Thank you. I work from my android phone.

  4. I spent a lot of time trying to post a pic of my first mmcal, but was unable to do so. However i completed both 1 and 2. My “instructions” seem to arrive several days after some crocheters have already completed and submitted their entries. Why?

    1. Hi Sherry – Are you referring to instructions arriving in an e-mail? All instructions are posted on the blog. I send out a newsletter before the MMCAL begins to let everyone know that one is coming up. Then, for those who do not open the first newsletter, a second one will automatically send only to those who did not open the first one. Is it possibly that you’re missing the first newsletters and by the time the 2nd one sends, the MMCAl is almost over? This is the only thing I can think of. Jennifer

    1. Hi Melanie,

      Here’s a link to the page that shows the ones we’ve already completed:

      They’ll all be around the same skill level. But even if you think it’s a little above your current skill level I encourage you to give it a try! A crochet along is the best place to learn & grow your skills. Plus, everyone is making the same thing you are and always ready to help each other. 🙂


  5. With the stash I have, this CAL will be perfect to reduce my plastic bins. Not a hoarder, just have a very long Crochet Bucket List…🙃🙃

  6. Sounds like fun. I’m hoping to be able to join in. I’m battling metastatic breast cancer with Mets to most of the bones in this beaten up body of mine. Some days my body won’t cooperate, some does my brain is mush, but crocheting is very therapeutic both physically and mentally. I find it relaxing and has the added bonus of something useful or just plain pretty when I’m done. What’s not to love? I also love seeing what others are producing. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Thank you for being there for me and others like me who both enjoy the craft and need it to feel grounded. Looking forward to a brighter future and fun with the mini projects.

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