Yarn Heroes: Crafting for Charity, Crafting for One’s Self — 2 Comments

  1. I love this story! I love stories about crochet helping people through tough times because that’s what it did for me. I have an underlying genetic condition, and a few years ago I became too sick to keep pushing through it. I had to give up my university education, I had to give up my job teaching dance, and I felt so lost. But then I decided to learn to crochet and all of a sudden I had a way to feel productive again, a way to still be creative, and something to keep me interested and engaged while stuck in bed or in the hospital for weeks on end. I also had a way to give back, to thank all the people who were being so good to me, and that’s my favourite part. All my doctors are well supplied with hats and scarves haha, and I donate lots of baby items to the gift shop at the hospital that keeps me alive. It’s so much more than just a craft! I honestly consider it part of my health management, and it’s as important to me as the specialized infusions I run every day. I credit crochet as the reason my mental health has been able to remain as solid as it has…it’s also the reason my closet is overflowing with yarn 😉

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