3 Quick & Simple Stretches for Crocheters & Knitters — 15 Comments

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  2. Thanks for sharing your story Jennifer. Thanks for the giveaway. I really don’t do any stretches, but I am going to start now.

  3. In love with your new release!! <3 And excited to for a chance to win something to help with stretching! I don't usually do anything special to stretch, so thanks for the tips! Sometimes I stretch just to stretch out muscles that feel over used, but just like pulling my shoulder blades together then pulling my shoulders forward. Nothing special. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the excersices. I lay across my bed and put my upper half slightly off the side and reach my arms out and down. It seems to help my neck and shoulders.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story Jennifer. I also use the Cervical Corner Stretch and the Subocci..subocci…yeah..that one where you tilt your head! 😀 Love your patterns and appreciate all the work that you put into them for us!

  6. I have multiple stretches that I use for my posture, hands, and wrists. I live with undifferentiated connective tissue disorder, meaning my immune system mistakenly attacks my healthy joints, so I have to be far more careful than most about how I treat my body. My doctors have recommended several sets of stretches from the Anderson Stretching Book. They’d love it if I’d give up crochet for the good of my hands, but it’s what keeps me sane through my multiple chronic illnesses.

  7. I need to do stretches! I often have to lean my head to one side to stretch out my neck, so that I don’t get locked in position.

  8. You are inspiring us to stretch more!

    My favorite stretch starts with hands and bent elbows held up at shoulder height, then bring the elbows back (on the same level) as if pushing the shoulder blades closer together, opening the chest muscles. I like to let it glide more than bounce. My dad played a lot of tennis, and he said it is more important to make all stretching comfortable and keep doing it than to get competitive and make it hurt.

    Hook on!

  9. My back is just so out of whack. I have gotten into some accidents that have caused issues with my back. Lately I have been doing random neck rolls like I learned in school. Thank you for the opportunity to learn new stretches and for sharing your story.

  10. I totally believe in stretching. Thanks for the new ideas and for the giveaway. Thank goodness for chiropractors!

  11. I don’t have any specific stretches that I do..Just generally stretch my back, shoulder and arm muscles once in a while when crocheting.

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