[NatCroMo] National Crochet Month Blog Tour 2015: Promotions & Giveaways — 14 Comments

  1. Wow!
    Though I grew up with crochet, every now and then I always wish knitting wasn’t so hard and love how professional it looks, telling someone (“I wish…”). But wow again! Your work really DOES look like knit. Congrats; I would not have known if you didn’t spill the beans! 😉

  2. Your designs are awesome, I’ve got a few 😉
    I’m also obsessed with the knit-look and my favourite stitch is the Waistcoat stitch.

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  4. You are an incredible designer. I saw the “Knit-Look” Bow Tie Cowl and thought there must be a mistake, that’s knit, not crochet. Holy cow, I was amazed. I learned to crochet when I was 10. When I was 30-ish, I decided to learn to knit several times but the muscle memory of holding the yarn in my left hand just wouldn’t go away. Frustrated, I gave up for a few years but finally looked up left hand knitting and found continental knitting. THAT made all the difference. I can hold the yarn in my left hand, the exact same way as I do when I crochet. Now, I actually prefer to knit but I love to incorporate some form of crochet into my knits. The videos I watched to help learn to continental knit is from

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