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  1. As a massage therapist, this is why I always recommend regular massages (at least monthly) and regular adjustments from the chiropractor. These two things on a regular basis can prevent problems in your body that a medical doctor will give you pills for, injections and sometimes surgery. They’re not just luxeries, they should be a big part of your health care.

    • Yes! As soon as my chiropractor has me all straightened out I will be going at least monthly (although I suspect more because of this). One thing that led me to him was the fact that the medical doctors couldn’t give me answers, only more prescriptions. I haven’t taken the prescriptions since my first visit last Tuesday and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve also been using frankincense oil to help with inflammation and that’s been helping as well. <3

      • You are not alone. And I agree with Jessie about seeing a chiropractor and getting massages, very very good for all. I have RA and did what I was told by Dr and took ALL the prescribed meds for 5 yrs, I was miserable, had more aches & pains than ever before. I was taking even more meds and feeling worse. When I lost insurance, my Dr told me good-bye, come back when you have insurance. That is when I started researching and I found Vit C, Tumeric & Ginger Root. In the beginning to took lots of Vit C, like 25K mg daily, I’ve since lowered that to 5K mg daily. I discovered that Vit C lowers inflammation as well as healing the body, also tumeric & ginger root help with inflammation and pain. To relax, get magnesium & zinc. Ladies & Gentlemen I have not taken any meds in 6 yrs, not even an aspirin, and I feel great. Oh, I did stop dairy, processed foods, red meat and have lowered sugar a lot. Diet is important. Now I can crochet again, I’m a happy camper!!

  2. A couple of years ago I began having a mysterious pain in the outer edge of my left breast. It ran all the way up into my underarm. I went to see both my gynecologist and my general physician. The first had a mammogram done and told me he could see nothing to discuss the issue with the general physician which I did. She looked at the results of the mammogram and told me there was nothing wrong with me. I knit and crochet both and am right handed. The pain had gotten so bad I could no longer do either on a daily basis. What I did find though was that if I did not do either for three or four days then the pain would go away but as soon as I picked up hook or needles it would come back within 15 minutes or so. It was always worse when I knitted though, which is where me being right handed comes in to be important. It meant I was supporting the whole weight of my project with that left arm. I do sit in a comfy arm chair that gives me plenty of support for my right arm but not much for the left. My conclusion was that the weight of those projects was what was causing the pain. I began do all knitting with circular needles rather than the regular straight needles. and over time most of the pain has stopped. I do have it though every now and then and it always requires several days away from any projects for it to ease. Not much I can change where it comes to crocheting. My Doctors still tell me there is nothing wrong with me to cause this pain and say it is my imagination basically. Now why would anyone want to imagine they hurt so bad from doing something they have done for nearly 50 years because they fell in love with the craft when they were 6 years old and have never wanted to stop? maybe I should see a chiropractor and insist my husband (who went to school to be a massage therapist) give me weekly massages and concentrate on that left side! Thanks for sharing your story it is always nice to know you are not alone!

      • Hi Gladys,

        The chiropractor is the one who was finally able to diagnose me after seeing 2 ER doctors at hospitals 10 hrs apart, a family doctor, a cardiologist, 2 CT scans, an EKG, lots of bloodwork and an MRI. 😉

  3. Hi, thanks a lot for sharing your experience, as of now i do have shoulder pains down to my arms and to my right hand, i do crocheting a lot to meet my target to my customers, but sometimes i cant resist crocheting, you’re right, i must relax my shoulder. Have a nice day and get well soon.

  4. I had a similar problem after I took up crochet last winter. I crocheted 3 baby blankets in quick sucession, and developed ache and soreness in my right shoulder which I also picked up on it at my pilates class. After it got really bad, I figured it may be the fan I have for the menopause at night time causing problems. After stopping the fan, it went away for a bit and then came back. After trips to for a massage and then to the physio and still no easing, I then asked for accupunture on my next physio visit. This didn’t help, so I knew that it was something I was doing that was causing the problem. I stopped crocheting for a week and the soreness and aching went away.
    I now crochet for less time and not every night either. I still have problems at pilates with some floor exercises, but the less crochet I do, the less the pain is.
    It’s really a no brainer – less crochet = less body damage. I will still crochet and will just take my time over everything as my health is more important than crochet.
    (For all of you who’ve crocheted for years and have no pain etc, you are very lucky)

  5. My love for crochet has help with my shoulder therapy. I broke my shoulder several years ago, and have a partial shoulder replacement. With the fall I lost the use of the rotator muscles on that shoulder in which I will never regain – I can’t touch the top of my head or my face. So during all the rehab, etc. I thought I would never be able to crochet again, but I gradually returned to crocheting but only for a little while every day, sometimes with days between due to the pain that I am having at that time. So crocheting has helped me with regaining the strength in the muscles. I love crocheting, I rather be able to do a little at a time than none at all.

  6. After crocheting for three months I developed trigger thumbs and needed to get two rounds of steroid injections. The problem was solved without surgery but it was a close call. I need to rest my hands and be careful not to overdue it.

  7. Thank you for sharing your story Jennifer. We need to take care of our bodies so we can continue to make beautiful things for our world.

  8. Wow i never thought that knitting/crocheting could cause this, Thank you for sharing your story with us as i now know what precautions i have to take, I hope you feel better soon, <3

  9. I’m wondering if anyone knows if this can happen to the bone n the forearm the side where the ulnar nerve is and the outside of the hand encompassing the top of the hand and middle, ring and baby fingers, with all the above pains including numbness. Both nerve problems and carpal tunnel have been ruled out, Had a complete bone scan of entire body this week, will be 2 weeks before the results are in.

    • Hi Janice,

      It certainly couldn’t hurt to pay a visit to your chiropractor. One of my other symptoms was numbness in one side of my face, jaw, neck, shoulder and right arm. There are places in your neck that could be out of place causing your numbness. Mine started with just numbness in my right arm and escalated. It hasn’t returned since my first adjustment and boy do I hear how badly my neck is out of place each visit! But it’s getting better so he’s definitely doing something right! There are certainly other reasons for arm numbness, but a quick visit to the chiropractor might just do the trick! 🙂

  10. I recently began crocheting again. Ayer not doing it for a long long time. I keep a headache and neck ache.. I’m pretty sure it’s from long hours of looking down at my work and lack of sleep..

    • I would go visit your chiropractor if at all possible. On x-rays (aside from my arm), my neck has a couple issues and one of them being two spots that affect my eyes and migraines. What started this entire roller coaster was actually an ocular migraine and then ultimately the frequency of these migraines increased rapidly until they were happening only a day apart. I have not had an ocular migraine or a regular migraine since my first visit with the chiropractor. I can’t remember the exact medical terms, but it was something in my neck causing them. The 3 medical doctors I saw just wrote me a new prescription and sent me on my way. None of them could answer my biggest question “What is causing the frequency of them to increase at such a rapid rate?”…. I’m so glad I had made the appointment with the chiropractor. He was the only one who could show me what was happening and fix it!

      I hope you’re able to find relief soon. <3

    • Yes, the chiropractor was the last professional that I saw after seeing 2 ER doctors (from different hospitals), my family doctor, a cardiologist, 2 CT scans, and EKG, tons of bloodwork, tests on my carotid and an MRI. It’s been a very long 7-8 weeks. I just didn’t want to post every single detail of what’s been going on. I chose just to share the information relating to my arm. 😉

  11. Thank you for sharing this! I have the same symptoms on my left arm. I hold my hook in my right hand and my yarn in my left hand. I also habitually sleep on my left side (trying my best not to these days). My Dr did not take an X-ray but sent me to physical therapy for possible rotator cuff damage. My PT begins next week. I’m going to show my Dr this blog post and insist on an X-ray to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

  12. I have tendonitis in my right thumb. I injured it twice in July at work. I went to physical therapy, took ibuprofen and didn’t crochet for 6 weeks. But I had to get some prayer shawls done. The inflammation has not gone down on my thumb. I re-injured it hitting my thumb at work.

    Does anyone use compression gloves? Do they help? After the holidays, I’ll stop crocheting for a few months and see if that will help in healing.

    I’ve changed how I crochet. I only go 15-20 minutes and then I stop for a while. Thanks for sharing this story.

  13. Thank you SO much for telling your story!! I have had a similar experience, and this made me feel like I was not alone. I was actually signing up for your blog for the drawing of the crochet hooks, and got carried away, just reading and looking at everything you have to offer! Both real life and “fiber” life! Thank you SO much for all you do for us!! I learned of your blog and Ravelry site through Melody’s MCAL! Its a pleasure to meet you! 🙂



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  15. Crocheted for over 40 years many doilies bedspreads with finer thread, blankets but my RA deformed my right hand and now can no longer do something that I on blue ribbons In at state fairs, morning still 2 years later, was able to make a tablecloth for my daughter for when she married and I knew it was the last thing I’d ever make, as it was all I could do to get thru the pain to finish it! Would give anything to crochet again been very depressed over it, as it was a passion!

  16. As a massage therapist who crochets and knits, this is a very real problem. It can also be prevented with regular massages, even just a 30 min massage and have your LMT work primarly on the extensors and flexors of the forarm. You can even massage yourself periodically, the little knobs on either side of your elbow where your extensors and flexors attach(you can google it) is where the problem originates. Make sure to take magnesium citrate or magnesium chelate(as long as it’s not magnesium oxide) it also helps to somewhat relax the muscles. Do stretches every 20 minutes, sit with good posture or get a pillow.

  17. I have spent hours of crocheting over the last few years only to notice I’m very tense when crocheting.. I now have problems with my left arm (I’m a leftie). The physiotherapist diagnosed arthritis. Its only every now and then that I’ll crochet now.

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